Endurance sports injuries

Athletes who participate in endurance sports are subject to injuries different from those suffered by other athletes. Most of these endurance sports injuries are the direct result of pushing the body to its limits over a long period of time. For example, shin splints and various forms of tendonitis are common among long-distance runners and triathletes, while rotator cuff injuries are common with rowers.

When an athlete participates in an endurance sport, the continual, intense strain on the body almost inevitably leads to injury. To reduce such injuries, endurance athletes should undergo extensive training to ensure they’re using their bodies correctly and to build the necessary strength and endurance to stand up to the intensity of long-term physical exertion. Warming up is important to prepare the body by loosening tight muscles and lowering the risk of strain and tearing.

In general, the best way to treat endurance injuries is prevention. Injuries of this kind are most often caused when the athlete pushes himself too far or too hard after insufficient training or warm-up. Even when pushing endurance to its limits with this kind of extreme sport, it’s important to treat the body properly.

When endurance injuries do occur, correct treatment is also vital to ensure proper healing of the injured muscles, tendons or ligaments. Physiotherapy is an important element of recovery. A skilled physiotherapist can help restore an injured athlete to full performance levels.

Physiotherapy for endurance sports injuries can take a variety of approaches, including stretching regimens, weightlifting, application of heat and cold, massage and other techniques to help rebuild and strengthen injured muscles.

At Con Bonovas Physiotherapy, our skilled and experienced physiotherapists can help you recover from endurance sports injuries and continue in your chosen sport. If you’ve sustained an injury and need help getting back to performance condition, give us a call on (02) 9834 4395.

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