Cricket injuries

It is common for injuries to occur in the game of cricket. As a cricket player, avoiding injuries is something every player would like to possibly do. Here are the most common injuries sustained by these players, along with the symptoms and physiotherapy treatments for each injury.

Knee Injuries

The player most prone to knee injuries is a runner. In a single cricket season, as many as 60% of the runners will suffer a knee injury. One common injury that happens to runners is a turn meniscus, ACL or Collateral Ligaments. The symptoms are pain, swelling, stiffness and weakness. Players need physiotherapy treatment and a mix of ice packs, knee brace or action knee strap.

Shoulder Injuries

Batters and bowlers are prone to shoulder injuries, which include dislocated shoulder, frozen shoulder and a shoulder separation. The symptoms of such injuries include pain, swelling, stiffness and weakness. To work through these symptoms, players will need physiotherapy treatment, ice packs, shoulder coolers, cold gel packs and hot/cold therapy packs.

Lower Back Injuries

The most common player to receive lower back pain is a bowler. The back pain occurs mainly in younger, faster bowlers as they have more mobility than their older counterparts. Back injuries could be anything from a herniated disc, side strain or spinal stenosis. The symptoms of such injuries include pain, stiffness and weakness. Treatment involves physiotherapy, support belts, removable back braces and removable back pads.

Every part of the body in fact is prone to injury for cricket players. The best way to avoid an injury through is by warming up properly before any game. Today’s Cricketers are actually becoming more fit and able to stave unwanted injuries which keep them out of a game. A typical warm up should increase blood flow and oxygen to muscles and range of motion of joints reducing the risk of tearing the muscles. Once off the field, keep your muscles warm by putting on a warm up outfit too.

To avoid any injury on the field, make sure you wear the proper gear, such as a mouth guard, proper headgear, shoes and protective pads. Keeping the field free from stones or water is important.

Remember, if you are a cricket player in need of rehabilitation, muscle strengthening, or have sustained an injury, come in and visit us at Con Bonovas Physiotherapy to discuss how we can help you.

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