Muscular injuries

In athletes and sports enthusiasts, muscular injuries may stem from a direct blow or trauma (contusion injury), sudden forceful movement or from overuse. Muscular injuries occur most frequently through forceful contracting of the muscle while stretching it. In a contusion injury, the muscle is impacted externally (e.g. contact sports). Overuse injuries occur as a result of exercising the same muscles repeatedly and subjecting them to strain. Muscular injuries can be a tear in the fascia (sheath of connective tissue beneath the skin) or the muscle fibres, or the muscle may rupture completely.

Signs and symptoms of muscular injuries include:
  • Pain with contraction
  • Pain with stretching
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
Causes of muscular injuries may be:
  • Inadequate warm up/cool down with exercise
  • Insufficient muscle flexibility
  • Poor conditioning
  • Poor technique
  • Returning to sport too soon after injury
Rehabilitation of muscular injuries
  • RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) along with anti-inflammatory medications during the initial stages
  • Immobilisation of the injured part for a short period (about 4 days) to allow healing
  • Use of crutches or other mobility device to avoid weight bearing on the affected extremity
  • Begins with passive range of motion to promote mobility, and static exercises (contracting the muscle without movement)
  • Low-impact aquatic exercises in the early stages are helpful
  • Gradual resistive exercise as tolerated to strengthen and condition the muscle
  • Electrical stimulation to promote muscle contraction, if necessary

In more severe injuries, the muscle may not respond to treatment and surgery may be necessary. However, physiotherapy is generally successful and you can return to sports in 2 to 3 months. We will educate you in ways to prevent future injury through a thorough conditioning program that involves stretching and strengthening exercises, warm up and cool down stretches and even proper hydration and nutrition.

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